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Journeying through books, seeking the centre of being

The Dervish’s Trail

The Reading Dervish wanders through books, seeking truth. Seeking the centre of the Universe, and the centre of her soul. Follow her trail, book after book

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The Reading Dervish writes for the Print Media. Here’s a collection of her published columns on literature, authors and the substance they bring to the world

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Books that are read and reviewed. Like cities traversed on the trail, which may or may not be significant, but are part of the travelogue. All part of the larger plot

“Learn the truth, my friend, but be careful
not to make a fetish out of your truths.”

Shams Tabriz

About Me

Zehra Naqvi is an author, journalist and columnist, whose articles have been published in Indian Express, Reader’s Digest, The Hindu, Financial Chronicle, Women’s Web and Child Magazine. Her writing ranges from social issues to literature, heritage, culture and parenting.
Her first book The Reluctant Mother: A Story No One Wants To Tell is being published by Hay House. Indian Express Columns

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The Reluctant Reproductionist began as a blog that puts forth an alternate look at womanhood and motherhood in the modern age, in the form of a personal narrative. The original story is now being published as a memoir, while the blog now talks of relationships and motherhood, and life as a writer.

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