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A collection of my book columns published in newspapers and magazines

Of traitors and Cadavers: The Gospel of Yudas by K. R. Meera

Of Traitors and Cadavers There’s nothing like a book that arrests you from the moment you set your eyes on it. K.R. Meera’s The Gospel of Yudas is that kind: a book that you don’t hold in your hands—it holds you instead. You don’t turn the pages at your leisure, but the book turns youContinue reading “Of traitors and Cadavers: The Gospel of Yudas by K. R. Meera”


H is for Hawk: Finding meaning in grief

The book itself is a search for meaning—meaning in loss, meaning in wildness—meanings that she, in a thought-provoking inversion, rejects at the end, revealing them for what they are: a desire to merge the self with the natural world and superimpose ourselves upon it.

The Bones of Grace

Finding the fossils of this walking whale is Zubaida’s mission in life—Zubaida, born to Bangladeshi parents who were freedom fighters in the war of independence, educated at Harvard, selected to go fossil digging in Dera Bugti.

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